Donations And Sponsorships

At Pike Arms, we believe in supporting the organizations and groups that tirelessly work hard to protect and promote the shooting sports in America. While we are enthusiastic to support as many events as possible through donations and sponsorships, it is not possible for a small company such as Pike Arms to support all of them due to the sheer volume of requests we receive throughout the year. Due to the volume of requests received, we have implemented a standardized donation and sponsorship request format as described herein.

Donation / Sponsorship Requests:

We believe it is important to respond to every donation or sponsorship request that is submitted for consideration. Please help us completely understand your organization's event and related factors by providing accurate and complete relevant information, while taking into consideration the following guidelines:

1. Organizations and individuals requesting donations or sponsorships must submit their request ONLY VIA EMAIL a minimum of 60 days prior to the event or activity deadline. There are no exceptions to this 60 day prior time frame. Requests submitted with less than a 60-day window as well as requests by US mail, fax, or phone will not be accepted or considered.

2. Preference for donations and sponsorships will be given to organizations that are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit (charitable) organization. Please indicate your organization's status in your request email.

3. While Pike Arms supports gun owners in all 50 states and sells products to customers in all states where the receipt and possession of the product is legal and not restricted by federal, state or local laws, preference will be given for donations or sponsorships in states with a citizen base and legislative climate that most actively support the shooting and hunting sports.

4. Due to the number of requests received, Pike Arms will give preference to groups and organizations that are most closely aligned with the products that Pike Arms manufacturers and sells. Please include in your donation and sponsorship request email any product and advertising exposure for Pike Arms products that can be anticipated as a result of the donation or sponsorship. Groups and organizations that are not aligned or associated with the hunting and shooting sports are not likely to be approved for donations or sponsorships.

Pike Arms will respond to your emailed donation or sponsorship request by return email as quickly as possible. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for a reply. Approved donation and sponsorship requests will be provided as Pike Arms branded products. Complete firearms are eligible only for a discount and not a full donation. Gift card donations may occasionally be provided on a case by case basis while cash donations will not be considered or approved.

Please review these guidelines carefully and submit your donation or sponsorship request as directed.

Thank you for your support and interest in Pike Arms Inc.® products.