Stainless Steel firing pin features extra mass and redesigned impact point for reduced incidence of misfires caused by light primer strikes.  Heat treated and hardened for durability and consistent positive primer ignition.

Ships complete as a drop in assembly to include:

  • Stainless Firing Pin
  • Spring
  • Roll Pin

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 3 reviews

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By Roger Of New Mexico
Good quality and easy drop in installation. Much better quality than the factory one. Good update at a low price.
By Mack Of Colorado
Quite simply the end of misfires, period! Installed into factory bolt and have fired close to a thousand rounds of CCI Blazer ammo with absolutely flawless performance.
By Blaine Of Washington
I installed this firing pin in my heavily modified 10/22. It was one of the only factory items still on my rifle. My original pin had probably 100k rounds on it,although still worked. I installed the Tactical Inc. firing pin and what a difference. Almost no miss fires!!! I looked at some of my spent shell casings and the TI impacts are much deeper than the originals. The deeper impact must give the primer a better charge. Thanks again TI for all the great products along with the best prices and super fast shipping. I love everything I have tried of your products. I will be back many times again.