Although your 10/22® rifle is engineered for right hand shooters, you can easily replace the safety to accomodate a left hand shooter.  The installation of a left hand safety will enable the safety to be more easily utilized by a left handed shooter and will facilitate operation for all phases of shooting whether hunting, plinking or for serious rimfire competitive matches.

Installation is quick and easy and requires no gunsmithing or modification to your rifle.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 3 reviews

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By John Of Michigan
Works great in my 10/22 and was easy to install. Appears to be nice quality machining and not a crazy price either which is nice for a change. Now how about the rest of a left handed 10/22 for us south paws?
By D. Of Wyoming
Great price. Excellent fit and finish. Truly a drop in part,,no mods to the stock, or removal of parts of the safety to pull barreled action from stock required as is required by other manufactuers 10/22 safeties.
By Ben Of Wisconsin
A must for a lefty. Simple drop in installation. Install tip: take and unsharpened pencil and shave in one half of the tip of leaving the lead still in the pencil, use this to hold the safety detent down while pushing the new safety.


Installation of your Pike Arms® Left Hand Safety for Ruger® 10/22® rifles is quick and easy!

You can install your Pike Arms Left Hand Safety without disassembling the complete trigger assembly by simply rotating and sliding in the left hand safety in place of the existing factory right hand safety.  No tools are required to install the Left Hand Safety and installation takes less than a minute. 

  1. Ensure that your firearm is not loaded.
  2. Remove the stock and then the two cross pins to remove the trigger housing from the receiver.
  3. With the housing in your left hand with the magazine plunger facing left and the trigger facing down / hammer facing up, cock the hammer to its rearward locked position.
  4. Look into the bottom of the housing while activating the safety in and out and you will see the flat on the safety moving back and forth.
  5. Push the safety halfway so that the same amount is protruding from the trigger housing on each side.   
  6. With the thumb and middle finger of your left hand, squeeze the safety tightly and rotate it COUNTER CLOCKWISE 90 degrees.  When you see what looks like the top of the letter “M” come into view, immediately stop the rotation. 
  7. With your index finger, push the safety until it is FLUSH with the receiver housing (and the Red on the safety is moving toward your body).   
  8. Hold the trigger housing in your left hand with the magazine plunger facing away from you and the left side of the housing facing down.  Orient the new Left Hand Safety so that the engraved “LH” is facing away from you, the machined “M” is facing you and the red ring is facing up.
  9. Ensure that with the “LH” facing away from you and the “M” cutout facing you, there is a larger open area on the surface of the safety between the “LH” and the “M” cutout that will be facing to the right / to the bottom of the housing.   
  10. Now simply use the new safety to push the original safety through the housing and out the other side while using care not rotating the safety at all.  Push it through, knocking the original one out, until the new safety is flush with the left side of the housing.
  11.  Now rotate the newly installed Left Hand Safety 90 degrees CLOCK WISE until it clicks into place against the detent.  When correctly installed, the “LH” marking will be visible and facing up inside the trigger assembly.
  12. Test the operation of the safety for correct function prior to re-assembling the trigger housing to the receiver and the action to the stock.   Installation is complete.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.