You asked... We Listened! Customer after customer have continued to tell us how much they love the ability to adjust their TI25 mags to exactly fit their gun as well as the ability to take the mag apart to clean it. Our advanced composite 25 round Ruger 10/22 high capacity magazine is easy on your budget and big on the same features that have already made our MACHINED ALUMINUM TI25 MAGS the industry standard! Check out the features that only this magazine offers and you'll see why TI25 mags are an easy choice for serious shooters!



Anyone that's shot .22 rimfire ammo knows how dirty it is, and a lot of the crud gets into the inside of the magazine which continues to make the mag less reliable. Now with our TI25 mag, that problem no longer exists. Three stainless steel cap screws make it easy to disassemble the mag into two separate halves for cleaning using the supplied allen wrench. Scrub the INSIDE with some hot soapy water, dry and reassemble and its as clean as it when it was new. Yep, it costs us more to make a mag that you can disassemble rather then just gluing it permanently together, but being able to disassemble it is the right way to make a mag!

Have you ever wondered (and cursed) about the amount of wiggle in all other 10/22 high capacity mags? A magazine should not wiggle that much in your gun, but it has to to fit... WELL NOT ANY MORE! It has been our experience that Ruger 10/22 rifles have some minor variations from one to the next which explains why one brand mag will run well in one gun and the same mag then not run in a different gun. What separates this mag from all others is the patent pending ability to micro adjust it for an exact fit in your gun for (1)FEED ANGLE, (2) FEED HEIGHT and (3) EJECTOR TO BOLT DISTANCE using the supplied 3/32" allen wrench. Four cap screws on the top of the mag that mate with your 10/22 receiver allow the mag to quickly be precision adjusted for an exact fit in your gun by minimally increasing or decreasing the individual heights of each of the cap screws (like leveling an appliance), resulting in a magazine that has minimal to no wiggle in your gun AND THAT WORKS!. The ability to quickly one time precision adjust it to your gun means that you can count on reliable feeding every time.

What is Advanced Composite material? Its a high pressure injection glass filled resin that has 2X times the impact resistance and 3X times the wear resistance of aluminum! Its weight to strength characteristics make it so strong that its used in the manufacture of airplanes. We tested one by driving a full size Dodge 2500 V10 onto the mag as shown in the picture. Although we don't recommend that you abuse your mag this way, we wanted to make sure there was no question about the strength of this mag! Of course its much less expensive to make a mag out of plastics of lesser strength, but the result is you wind up with a mag that will easily crack and break. Our TI25 magazines are designed to stand up to hard use. Don't settle for less!

The most critical part of the mag other than its precise adjustment in the gun, is the feedlips. Our TI25 Mag uses replaceable hardened stainless steel feedlips to ensure that your feed angle remains consistent and smooth. The hardened stainless steel feedlips also incorporate an ejector that can take a pounding from 1000's of rounds of brass and still keep kicking them our hard. Mags with plastic feedlips and plastic ejectors cannot keep up with the strength and durability of stainless steel. Does it cost more that plastic? Of course it does... but it also works and works well!

We know mags! Our extensive testing in both full auto and semiauto guns combined with the power of state of the art CAD designing and CNC machining means that we've built this mag from the ground up for reliable functioning. We've seen other magazine manufacturers that have taken short cuts to save some money, and each time the reliability suffers. Our unique feed geometry was driven by reliability, not cost. Our customers repeatedly told us to make a mag that works... period... and that's what you can expect from a TI25 mag.

The geometry, feed and function of our TI 25 mags is so well defined and tuned that it will operate with the same reliability in either a semi auto or a full auto firearm. Traditional semi auto shooters can take comfort in knowing that a mag that will reliably feed all 25 rounds in and out of the gun in a little over a second will also easily perform the same reliable feeding for a semi auto firearm running at considerably less rounds per minute speed (depending on how fast your finger is!). We have a short video of a TI25 mag in an NFA registered machine gun that you can CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD to see the smooth function and reliability of a TI25 mag for yourself.
Our Model TI25 ADVANCED COMPOSITE STEEL LIP MAGAZINE could be the last 10/22 mag that you ever have to buy! If you want a mag that will give you many years of shooting satisfaction rather than disappointments and frustration; a mag that you will never want to throw away; A MAG THAT WORKS, then this mag is bargain priced and ready to become one of your favorite shooting accessories. Order a few today!


SHORT ON CASH? We trade on just about ANYTHING gun related, especially Military 1911 .45's, Lugers, Registered Machine Guns and Cutaways. Email what you have and what you realistically need to get out of it (instead of 'make me an offer' and back and forth, we all save time by you pricing right up front) and we'll see what we can work out. Often you'll wind up with what you need AND get cash back!
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (INCLUDING CANADA): At present, we will not sell or ship internationally (incluuding Canada), no exceptions.
  • Manufacturer Tactical Innovations Inc.
  • Application Ruger 10/22, 77/22, TEC22 Etc.
  • Caliber .22LR Only
  • Capacity 25 Rounds, Single Stack
  • Body Material Glass Filled Advanced Composite
  • Feedlip Material Hardened Stainless Steel, Replaceable
  • Available Finishes Matte Black
  • Weight (Empty) 5.3 Ounces
  • Full Auto Rated Yes, Rated For Full or Semi Auto
  • Packaging Individually Packaged for Retail Sale, With Instructions
  • Restrictions No Sales To CA, MD, NJ or where otherwise restricted. No International sales. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 60 reviews

Review This Product

By Richard Of
I got three of these mags at Knob Creek and should have gotten more. All of them run 100%. Once again a well done job.
By Rick Of
Just got back from the range. Minor adjustments and they fit my gun like they were made for it. Shot all 3 til we ran out of ammo and have never had a ruger mag work so well. I recomend this mag 100%.
By Ralph Of
Took me only a minute to figure out the adjustment part of the mag and its a great idea. Looks like it was custom made and fitted to my gun. Me and my buddy shot just about 3 bricks with 2 of them and they worked perfect. I will tell everyone to buy these mags.
By Sam Of
My mags work great. The cost at first had me almost not buying them but for the money its one @@@@ of a mag. Tell the democrats to bring it on!!!!
By Victor Of
I've been shooting the aluminum ones and got 3 of these plastic ones for Christmas. You can't go wrong with either one. THANKS for finally making a 10/22 mag that will last and that works.
By doug Of
I bought one of your aluminum mags. Wow! Fit and finish was excellent. Attention to quality and workmanship first rate. Like a piece of art. I was surprised at how light it is. Oh yeah, feeds great, even in a dirty gun. I bought two more composite models. Can't wait to get them. Doug
By d. Of
Its freezing out but I had to try out the two composite mags I bought. One mag would not lock-up out of the package. One half turn of your adjusting screws had it locking up perfect! Smart design! I took on the cold with my trusty 10/22 and two composite mags. I ran a whole 550 rounds of cheapy bulk .22lr through the mags without a single stoppage! Add a Kobra sight and a steel plate at 100yds. Great fun. My only question is? What took you so long! I won't endorse a bad product. These T125 mags are the best 10/22 mags ever invented. T125's are easy to endorse. Thanks for such a well thought out product. Can I be your spokesman? I work for mags!
By Don Of
It is so great to have a mag that works like a factory mag. Orderd three for my two friends and myself to try and all i can say is nine more came in today. Thank You so veary much for putting these on the market.(Can I buy stock in your co.) Donald Nelson 10 stars
By Luke Of
This is the best 10/22 magazine! I got my Ruger 10/22 and the 10 round factory mags work flawless of course but 10 shots arent really enough for me. I bought a ramline 50 round magazine at Gander Mountain and the first time i loaded it up and tryed to cycle it it WOULD NOT feed. You would have to take it out of the gun and smack it on the ground. I saw your website promoted on www.rimfirecentral.com and checked your site out and saw all those good reviews and i had to have one. I tried it today for the first time and roun 100 rounds through it and if fed flawlessly. Very happy with it. I bought the composite black one and it seems very sturdy and made of good material it has some weight to it. I like the ability to take it appart for cleaning and adjustable feed angle. Very good product. I hope i can get some more.
By mr Of
I just bought 3 more composites. That makes 5 composites and 1 aluminum mag. You guys did it. These mags have no rivals. Miles ahead of anything else.
By Greg Of
My experience with buying magazines was to buy a half dozen or more, lots of ammo and spend all day trying to find out which ones worked with what ammo.Once I tryed the TI25 mag I was shocked !! It ate everything I fed it. This mag is worth the money. It changed the whole attitude of the gun. the Mack Daddy of 10-22 mags. Thanks...
By Tyler Of
Very well made magazine. I didn't even clean my gun since using it a few weeks ago. I was a little skeptical since it was having problems with the factory mag, but I ran it though and had very few problems throughout the day. I fired over 500 rounds of cheap Remington bulk ammo and it still worked well, dumping the magazine in well under 5 seconds, definitely will buy more.
By Anton Of
CURSE YOU! I can't believe you ran out of them and I need some more!!!! I have 3 and want to stock up while the getins good so get them goin again soon!!!!
By Tigre Of
Man O' Man. Ok honest truth bought my 10/22 and a Butler hot lips mag. Later Bought a TI Steel lip mag. Just got back from from the 30 acre compound and I am impressed. Butler creek jammed instantly around the 3rd round. The TI mag was flawless and emptied quick. Tried it again same results. Butler creek not in the same league. TI mag worked great,a good product well worth the price. You get what you pay for. If you want to be embarassed unjamming your gun every 3 rounds go ahead. If you want to unload go with a TI mag. Now all I need is another Mag and the speed loader.
By Kyle Of
Original bought 2 polycarbonate mags just to try them out. Had previous problems with butler creek and eagle versions. took them out to the farm and put at least 400 rnds between the two through them. Not a jam with the exception of dud ammo, even during rapid fire. both fed very good, even right out of the package with out adjustment. Next weekend took them out and shot 25 rnds through one and noticed cracking in the polycarbonate around feeding assembly. Called TI and they were willing to replace no charge, so I told them to upgrade me to their composite with steel feed lips and charge me the difference. Didnt charge me shipping and it got here very quickly (called tuesday afternoon and received it friday). Very impressed with the quality and the simple but careful engineering of the magazine. Their customer service is 2nd to none. Both the polycarbonate and composite versions are a great bang for your buck. Won't buy anything but TI from now on. Thanks Tactical Innovations.
By Shawn Of
Bought mag at dealer, so can't comment on the service here, but the mag is 100% pure goodness. 1/2 turn adjustment(per instructions included) to get good ejection, and after that, got perfect function using CCI Stingers and Velocitors. CCI Blazers had several FTE and FTF, but I think it was the ammo, as the hot stuff worked great. This mag should be considered standard equipment, as it is addictive to lay down round after round. At one point, I almost screamed "Wolverines!!" Fun, fun, fun, fun!!
By Steven Of
Best money I have spent on 10/22 mags. I just ordered more!
By Kenneth Of
I must say, spending a hundred dollars on three magazines was a bit of a tuff choice. But... the one thing that really impressed me was that 99% of the reviews were all 5 stars. Thats hard to beat! Sooo, after big disapointments in Ram-Line, and Hot-Lips, I moved forward. Good choice! Regular 22 shells, or Velocitor's... Feed the same. (And thats with a custom bull barrel.) Thanks guy's for a product that IS what it says it is. I'll be back for more.
By Jay Of
This is the best mag I've ever used. Feeds all bulk ammo and never fails. I found it easiest to adjust if you take the stock off the gun to see where the adjustment screws contact the reciever. After I did that, it has zero play. Awesome product, Thanks T.I.
By Nigel Of
This magazine is great!!!!! The TI25 magazines function without any jams and cycles faster than the Ruger 10 shot mags. I did not even have to adjust it! These mag are even suppior to Rugers, Ruger mags have plastic dimples on the front and back of their mag, ThIs mag has STEEL dimples on their mags. Steel_plastic. ThIs mag will cycle the bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger. And I would like to note that the included wrench meant to adjust or disassemble the mag, is the same size as the one needed for my scope rings. The little holes in the side of the mag are a nice touch and tell me how much the mag is loaded. Other 25 round mags are inferior and jam or fail to cycle (because they are made of inferior materials such as cheap plastics), I have tried the others. I will be buying more of these and spreading the word of your excellent magazines.
By James Of
Bought one for my new 10/22. Simply amazing! Heavy duty material and the sound made from chambering the first round is a solid reliable sounding "chug," as opposed to a wimpy "click" made by cheap plastic mags. This is all I will buy from now on. And the price...yeah it's "expensive;" but only about $7 more then the cheap stuff. Give it a shot! (no pun intended)
By doug Of
With all the aftermarket barrels, stocks, or whatever has become available for the Ruger 10/22- in my opinion, the T1 magazines, both aluminum and composite, are the single most important advancement in the 10/22 rifle since 1964. I own 6 of them- They are still at the top of my "To Buy" list for 2008. All I can say is WOW!
By doug Of
what a great mag after i got it adjusted i went to the range 350 rnds later not one malfuction 4 differents kinds of ammo great mag this is the only mag i have ever used that ran 100%other than the factory 10rnd mag i am ordering more today
By nick Of
600 rounds later not one problem
By Wayne Of
These are the best mags for the 10/22 I have found. Make sure you adjust exactly how the web site says and you,ll have no problems. I shot almost a half of a brick yesterday at the gun range and had no jams. I have reccomended these mags to other 10/22 shooters I know at the range
By rolando Of
Best aftermarket hi cap mag on the market for the 10/22. Worth every penny! 100% reliable.
By Lionel Of
Received my magazine in 2 days. It worked perfectly straight out of the package in my bull barrel highly modified 10/22. I'l be buying a couple more.
By Patrick Of
Works just as described. I was using plastic BC mags but they have no ejector on the mag, which was causing ejection problems (an empty casing lodged sideways in the action on top of the live round halfway in the chamber.) The ejector built into the 10-22 only functions if the bolt goes ALL the way back. So if your gun is dirty or ammo is under-powered, it may not eject with BC mags. Also the BC mags could pop out of place in the mag well so as to be not properly seated though still in the gun, causing failures to feed. No such problems with the TI25. Won't come out of place even if I pull back on it. It has a built-in ejector like the one on the factory 10 22 rotary mag, so ejection is more certain. Flawless functioning so far after a day at the range using remington bulk HPs. And it looks @*$ sexy!
By Rocky Of
ordered monday-received thurs+ live in Tex ! Had to make adjs., tested today at range. One FTF (old ammo) one stov pipe n 1st mag full. After that like stuf thru a goose! Am impressed all way around, especially when tried Stingers! It fed Stingers without a miss so I guess it will go in my emergency kit along with my folding stock 1022 ! Excellent magazine well worth the money! Thank You "Tact. Innov."
By roger Of
after many hi-cap mags for my 10/22 charger i was fed up with problems i was havening with every non-factory mag. I was about to give up the idea of havening a hi-capcity mag for it and was going to use only ruger factory mags. well a person at the range recommended the TI-25 so i decided to give it a shot. well I will NEVER buy any other brand of 10/22 mags. the TI25 has ZERO wiggle and has worked 100% of the time. now its time to stock up on them in case they get banned. But if they do get banned and mags can only have 10 rounds I would buy a TI-10 mag if they made it over factory ruger mags with out a doubt A++++++++++++++
By Crystal Of
I LOVE this mag. Now if you would only make one in pink for my custom rifle. 6 STARS!!!!!
By Dave Of
Mine arrived today! It fit a little sloppy at first so I played with the allen wrench for a bit. Then it ate 10 CCI Mini Mags like they were candy! I'm thrilled with the T125 and anxiously awaiting my Tapco T6 stock!
By Jason Of
I am just writing to express my satisfaction with the magazines for my 10/22 which I recieved. Trouble free, built well and easy to load out of the box! Thanx for a quality product!
By J Of
Great mags. No jams, adjustability is great, awesome features, and very sturdy! I bought two and will likely buy some more. Worth the little bit of extra money if you want a quality product.
By Craig Of
This is a great product.When this arrived (very fast ship) my son 10 years old begged me to try it out.We shot 2000 rounds without one jam.Needless to say I would never have been able to load all the rounds without the Butler Creek Auto Loader that I also ordered and it worked great.The only down time was waiting for the barrel to cool down.I look forward to purchasing several more for our arsenal.
By Stephen Of
Awesome product!!! I've tried 2 other brands trying to get a decent high capacity magazine for my 10/22. After my first Ram Line 50rd failed I bought another but new it functioned/malfunctioned the same as the broken ram line. So i bought 2 butler creek hot lips 25rd magazines. Only ONE worked. Tactical Innovations caught my eye and their full auto video basically sold me. So I bought 2 and BOTH work. It is a little tedious to initially fit the magazines, but defiantly worth it. I will probably be buying more VERY SOON!!! Defiantly easier to fit the second magazine! My advice is to have the internet handy for the online instructions as they are a little more detailed. My only concern is how much longer a quality product like this will be available to us!!!
By chris Of
I ordered two of these mags before the election just in case and I am glad I have these. They are very durable and run like a dream. I took the stock off my 10/22 so I could eyeball the adjustments before I tried it and I got both to fit perfectly in less than 10 minutes. Every time I have run through them they have worked flawlessly which is more than I can say for any other mags I have tried. If you are looking for a hicap mag for your 10/22 you will not regret getting these.
By David Of
mag worked great with the feeding . is lose in the stock but works fine !
By John Of Virginia
Took some tinkering to got it to fit. Once I got it to fit it worked perfectly. Put 2000 rounds thru it wothout one jam. Highly recommend.
By Joe Of Georgia
First of all the shipping was FAST!!!! I put it in and did not have to make any adjustments. Took it to the range and popped off 25rds with no problems. Don't waste your money on anything else! These are the best on the market, hands down!
By Scott Of Texas
A very well made and dependable mag for the 10/22. Works flawlessly in my rifle. I really like the adjustment feature which allows one to fit the mag to their rifle. A worthy investment for anyone with a 10/22. AAAAA+++++
By Dan Of Pennsylvania
This are by far the absolute best 10 22 mags on the market. All others clips are plastic and warp/break and cause jamming. These mags are solid and make my 10 22 cycle great. Never had a problem with these mags and recommend them to Everyone who owns a ruger 10 22. Dont waste money on cheap plastic ones on other sites. Buy these they are fantastic.
By Pete Of Indiana
I just got a Ruger 10/22 and did a lil research before i got a high capcity mag, when i found these mags, they were the best reviewed so i gave them a shot. 500 rounds later not one jam, the only thing i need to do to them is file down the corners of the steel lips. I shot alongside one of my buddies when i was tryin out my new mag. his jammed so many times i coulnt keep track. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON OTHER MAGS. These mags are hands down the most dependable. Ask yourself if your ever in a situation where ur life depends on it, do you want your mag to jam then pay 20 dollars for ur mag, if not spend 14 more bucks and get something dependable.
By eddy Of Rhode Island
First of all shipping was VERY VERY FAST.I like the clip it fit's great in my ruger 10/22. I'm going to buy many more of these clips.Buy one of these DON'T waste your money on anything else.
By Bob Of Connecticut
Holy crap! What a difference. I bought a Ruger 10/22 last December along with two Butler Creek Hot Lips and their speed loader from my gun club's distributor. I phoned Butler Creek two months later hoping to get a discount on two Steel Lips because I was averaging at least one stove pipe every clip. BC didn't even ask me to prove my purchase and just mailed me the steel lips. That was commendable and I appreciated it but the miss ejections did not decrease so I lived with it till last Friday, using four or five different brands of the cheapest 22s I could get at Walmart. Then I shot about 400 rounds from three manufacturers without a single malfunction with two of TI's Advanced Composites. Wow!! If this site allows me to, I will follow up after my next shoot. Till then - Holy cow! PS: BC's speed loader works perfectly with the Advanced Composite. Bob
By Matthew Of Illinois
Am I the only one that realizes that that the little steel fitting screws are digging into the receiver? I've had these mags for only a couple months and already all the rifles I have used them on have four little wear points where the magazines fitting screws interacted with the receiver. I mean, I'm assuming these screws must be made out of steel, and the receiver is made out of aluminum; which has a lower hardness than steel so of course these screws are going to chew into the receiver. So do me a favor, if you're reading this review, and already own the magazines, check your receiver and see what it looks like where the screws touch. And my mags are fitted perfectly, not too tight, and just tight enough to not wobble; I was very meticulous when I fitted them. Beyond that I thought the magazine was one of the best I've used, but how can i use something that will ultimately ruin the receiver of my gun? That's why I gave it a bad review.
By Derek Of Virginia
After pricing 10/22 mags and reading less than stellar reviews about the others, I finally found my way here. I ordered three of these (and they arrived very quick, shipped out only hours after I ordered). When they arrived I dumped 400 rounds through my NIB 10/22. I had ZERO problems/failures with these mags. Mags fit in the magwell snug out of the box, but also came with detailed instructions on how to adjust the fit if for some reason they didn't work out of the box. Also came with a tool for the adjustment. It's just a great package for the price. The hull is much more robust than the cheaper plastic mags. During the entire 400 rounds I only had 1 ftf, and that was due to the cheap winchester ammo I was shooting. In the firearms world you get what you pay for. These mags were well worth it. Will recommend to all 10/22 users out there.
By Jaronimo Of Georgia
This Mag Sucks,For the price shouldn't have to ajust anything.After two Rounds my gun would jam,put same kind of rounds in factory mag and fired all 10 rounds no problems.DON'T waste your money like me buy factory mags. Tactical Innovations Reply: The reason to purchase a mag you can adjust is so you can adjust it to fit your receiver. Adjustment takes only a few minutes and detailed instructions are provided. Finally, we back each mag with our 30 day money back return policy. TI25 mags continue to be the industry standard by which other 10/22 mags are judged.
By Todd Of Missouri
Wow. I just came back from the range and this magazine performed flawlessly. I followed the supplied directions and it took me a little while to set the adjustment screws correctly. When the screws were dialed in, the magazine had absolutely zero wiggle like other aftermarket magazines. When I ordered the magazine, it was in stock and it shipped fast! I'm definitely going to purchase more in the future.
By roger Of Idaho
by far the best 10/22 magazine (ITS NOT A CLIP PEOPLE!!!!!) out there. I have had zero issues with these and they have even been more reliable then the factory ruger mags!
By John Of Michigan
By far the best mags I've found for the 10/22. Work great and no problems. I just wish they could keep them in stock so I could get some more!
By Dennis Of Colorado
You can pass these on to your grandkids, I doubt that any will wear out in less than 2 generations. Feeds smooth, fits as perfectly as you care to adjust it. I have used my aluminum and advanced composite mags and both are flawless. Have not tried the polycarb yet. For long life/cost savings balance I suggest the advanced composite. For absolute made in America fine finish and built better than it needs to be, go with the aluminum.
By Joe Of Alaska
1st of all this company has Lighting Fast service got my TI-25 mags and Butler Creek mag loader in 3 business days and I'm pretty dang far being I'm in Alaska. These TI mags Rock, operate smoothly as fast as I can pull the trigger empty a mag in seconds with no jams or stove pipes. Very simple to adjust so there is no movement on the mag when inserted in rifle. Metal feed lips are very good and metal pegs that hold mag in place. This mag is well stongly built to with stand harsh weather conditions. The nice thing about this mag is... We are able to easily disassemble and clean it. And we all know cleaning prolongs life on rifles. Awsome mags u won't be disappointed in owning 1 or more. Excellent 5 star product well worth it!
By Brandon Of Oregon
I have tried every other after market magazine and this by far works the best. They're adjustable, they hold their adjustment, basically you set it up and forget it. It just works!!!
By wes Of Texas
10 clips electric taped in sets of 2 and a backpack = happy camper! thank you tacticalinc.com
By Blaine Of Washington
Well to start I have been shooting the 10/22 for about three decades now. I have tried all the mags out there for the 10/22. I've spent up to $75 for a mag, and haven't been really happy with any of the company's making these mags except Rugers. I have been happy with the clip that tyes three of the Ruger 10 round mags together. The other that I was ok with was the Ruger t25 it's a good mag, the only real problem with the Ruger mag is that the Buttler creek speed loader does not load it well at all. And it wiggles around in the gun when shooting this Couses the mag to move too much and get rounds jamming. The T125 gives you all the great dependability of the Ruger 10 round mag and none of the trouble of the other guys high capacity mags. These mags are tuff, well built and very dependable. These mags form fit the the individual reciever so that they fits like it was made for that gun. This mag just work and works good. It's built like a tank and works like a charm I love them. In my life I have wore out two Ruger 10/22s, so I shoot a good bit. I believe that these mags will out last the gun that I'm shooting now. These mags are smooth and reliable. PS. The only thing I do different than the company says to do in cleaning this mag is instead of using WD/40 I found that graphite spray works much better and last longer and keeps cleaner than using WD-40. The spray I use is called LOCK-EASE it works great. Thanks T/I for the best mag yet and for the fast shipping. I will be back for more.
By Dan Of Wisconsin
The magazine functioned better than expected, and expectations were high. A few friends helped me burn through a 550 box of federal bulk pack with one ftf. Overall, that is more than acceptible. Then after taking the action out of the stock to clean after a long day of shooting dirty ammo, I noticed four neat gouges in the stock from where the adjustment screws dug into the stock. The fit was snug, but still had a slight amount of "wiggle room" as to facilitate easy loading. The magazine worked very well, but I can't use this product when factory high capacity magazines are just as reliable, albeit with a fair amount of wiggle, and won't dig into the soft metal of the action. This was after one day of use. I don't want to imagine a few years of regular usage.
By Jeff Of Illinois
I read so many great reviews about this clip on this site as well as other sites but got the exact opposite result. Every other bullet wasn't feeding correctly and caused a jam.
By Clay Of Georgia
This TI25â„¢ ADVANCED COMPOSITE magazine is by far the best high capacity mag. that you can buy! And Tactical INC. is absolutely the BEST. Super fast shipping, and zero wait time on order processing. I am thoroughly pleased every time I place and receive an order from these guys! The price on these composite mags is without question a bargain. I Also own two of the poly-carbonate high cap. mags with the plastic feed lips. After thousands of rounds fired in each- (with no issues) I ordered the stainless steel replacement feed lips for them. PERFECT fit. And money well spent. Having replaceable parts is an option that makes all the difference. (don't think i will ever need them but having them on hand is a definant bonus!)
By Ryan Of Oregon
Excellent build quality. The weight of it is fantastic in that it doesn't feel like the cheap, clear plastic ones that you find elsewhere. Ordered this with the magazine release and bolt buffer and all arrived in great shape extremely fast. Will definitely order from TI again.

Frequently Asked Questions For

  1. Why is this mag adjustable and no other 10/22 mags are?
  2. If I need to, how hard is it to adjust the mag to make it fit perfectly in my gun?
  3. I've had bad luck with other high capacity 10/22 mags. Why should this one be any better?
  4. It all sounds great, but what if I get this one and don't like it for any reason?
  5. Will this mag work in guns other than the Ruger 10/22?
  6. Do you offer, or plan to offer this mag in .22 WRM (magnum)?
  7. Can I buy replacement parts, such as springs, feedlips and follower if I ever needed to?
  8. Will the mag run fullauto as well as in a semiauto gun?
  9. Do you have dealer / quantity wholesale pricing?
  10. Do you have any other color than black?
  11. How does this mag compare to competitors' steel lip magazines?
  12. Can you make mags that will hold more than 25 rounds?
  13. Does the mag have an ejector on the mag?
  14. Are there any restriction of where this mag can and can't be shipped?
  15. Can I get a mag without the tacticalinc.com on the side?
  16. What should I use to clean the mag?
  17. Can I clip 2 of them together (one up, one down) like other brands?
  18. Can I use a mag loader, like the Butler Creek model?
  19. How much is shipping on this mag?
  20. Does the brand of ammo make any difference in reliabilty?
  21. Is your TI25 Mag guaranteed for life like another brand USED TO BE?
  22. Can TI25 mags be stored loaded?
  1. Why is this mag adjustable and no other 10/22 mags are?
    Out of the millions of Ruger 10/22 guns that have been manufactured, the receivers have some dimentional differences. We have been unable to determine size differences based on rifle serial numbers but have been able to demonstrate differences in mag fit between receivers. This means that one mag might fit well in gun A and not run at all in gun B. Most shooters will be able to take our TI25 mag right out of the package, load it up and start shooting. However, if you want to tune it up for your gun to get it to exactly fit, you have the ability to quickly precision adjust it to fit your gun using the supplied allen wrench to minimally turn the 4 cap screws in and out, thus increasing and decreasing the distance between the mag and the receiver mating surface. The adjusability of the mag means that it will fit ANY 10/22 perfectly.
  2. If I need to, how hard is it to adjust the mag to make it fit perfectly in my gun?
    Its easy! Its basically the same concept as adjusting the four feet on an appliance to level it. Four cap screws on the top of the mag can each individually be screwed in or out as much or as little as is needed using the supplied 3/32" allen wrench to exactly position the mag in your gun. Once you get it where you want it, you can forget about it. You're ready for reliable feeding shooting fun.
  3. I've had bad luck with other high capacity 10/22 mags. Why should this one be any better?
    A lot of reasons! (1) Other high capacity mags have the same problem that we initially encountered with our TI25 mag, which is the difference in Ruger 10/22 receivers. If you compare the mags from three high capacity offerings from different companies, you'll see that the mags are not the same. Each design is betting that their geometry will fit most of the 10/22's, and the fits are usually loose and sloopy to try to compensate for the receiver differences. Our patented ability to adjust it to your gun is unique and allows you to make it fit your gun the way you want it to. (2) Our TI25 mag allows you to disassemble the gun to clean the INSIDE of the mag to make sure it feeds as well after its been used as it did when it was new. (3) Our TI25 Advanced Composite Mags are made from the same incredibly strong and durable material that is used to construct aircraft. Compare the strength to any other mag on the market and you'll see that we went the extra mile on this mag!
  4. It all sounds great, but what if I get this one and don't like it for any reason?
    We GUARANTEE that you'll like it! OUR TI25 Advanced Composite 10/22 MAG COMES WITH AN EASY TO UNDERSTAND GUARANTEE... BUY ONE, INSPECT IT, SHOOT IT ... We Know You'll Love It! However, if You Don't Like Anything About It, ANYTHING, Simply Return It Prepaid With A Copy Of Your Receipt Within 30 Days And We'll Refund Your Purchase Price (less shipping) NO QUESTIONS ASKED! YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO TRY IT WITH NO RISK... ORDER TODAY!
  5. Will this mag work in guns other than the Ruger 10/22?
    It will work in any gun that is designed to use a Ruger 10/22 mag, such as a Ruger 96/22 and 77/22 as well as guns such as the TEC22 without any problems.
  6. Do you offer, or plan to offer this mag in .22 WRM (magnum)?
    The mag is not available in .22 Magnum and based on insufficient demand, we have no plans at this time to develop that product.
  7. Can I buy replacement parts, such as springs, feedlips and follower if I ever needed to?
    Of course! The benefit of having parts that you can replace is being able to replace them. We have springs, followers and stainless steel feed lips available for sale for replacement parts on our webpage at www.tacticalinc.com.
  8. Will the mag run fullauto as well as in a semiauto gun?
    Full auto or semi, your choice. We test with off the shelf semi auto current production Ruger 10/22 semi auto guns as well as Norrell Fullauto 10/22 conversions.
  9. Do you have dealer / quantity wholesale pricing?
    We offer quantity and dealer discounts to FFL holders and qualified resellers. Dealer accounts can be setup online at
  10. Do you have any other color than black?
    The Advanced Composite TI25 Magazine is only available in black.
  11. How does this mag compare to competitors' steel lip magazines?
    There is no comparison... Our TI25 mag is made from glass filled composite material, not inexpensive fragile plastic. Our TI25 mag can be disassembled to clean the inside to ensure continued reliable feeding. Our TI25 mag can easily be precision adjusted to exactly fit your gun. And, we stand behind our mags with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  12. Can you make mags that will hold more than 25 rounds?
    Single stack mags over 25 rounds quickly diminish in reliability. We've tested higher capacity mags and would rather give you a 25 rounder that we know will work well rather than a higher capacity mag that only works sometimes.
  13. Does the mag have an ejector on the mag?
    The mag does have an ejector on the stainless steel feed lip insert. The ejector on the mag can be adjusted to the bolt of the rifle for positive ejection everytime.
  14. Are there any restriction of where this mag can and can't be shipped?
    We don't make the laws, but some states and localities prohibit the sale and or possession of mags over various capacities. We can't possibily keep track of all the local restrictions so its your obligation to determine the legality of the mag in your state and local area before ordering. We will not ship to CA, MD, NJ, NY, DC or where otherwise restricted. No exceptions. We also do not ship internationally, including Canada, no exceptions.
  15. Can I get a mag without the tacticalinc.com on the side?
    All mags are manufactured identically and the engraving is done as part of the manufacturing operation. We're proud of our mags and want to make sure that you and everyone else knows what mag you use thats working. Of course we also rely on the engraving for advertising, so when you're blasting away and your buddy has used his last plastic mag for a target and wants to know where you got your mag, he will have our web address handy...
  16. What should I use to clean the mag?
    Just disassemble it and clean it with warm soap and water and a soft brush. Then dry it with a hair dryer or just let it air dry. Put a shot of oil such as WD40 on the inside feed tracks, reassemble and you're ready to go. DO NOT use any solvents or similar harsh chemicals that could damage the composite material.
  17. Can I clip 2 of them together (one up, one down) like other brands?
    We intentionally designed the mag so you couldn't clip 2 of them together. The additional weight of the second mag with the additional leverage makes it a lot to be in the gun at one time based on the way the 10/22 holds the mag in the gun. Your reliability will decrease if the weight of the second mag allows the shooting mag to move in the gun at all. Its easier and works better to just carry the second mag in your back pocket...
  18. Can I use a mag loader, like the Butler Creek model?
    We've tested both the Butler Creek loader and the Ramline loader. The Butler Creek loader works very well and we offer it on our webpage. We do NOT recommend the Ramline loaders because they have no "feel" when loading the bullets and they will often crush the bullet to be loaded into the bullet that is already in the mag, thus putting a dent in at least one of them. When you try to run the mag, the dented bullet often will not go into the chamber and the mag gets blamed for jamming. Load by hand if you want 100% reliability. It takes longer but works everytime. For plinking, use the Butler Creek loader available on our webpage.
  19. How much is shipping on this mag?
    Shipping costs vary depending on the carrier you prefer and you geographic location. Shipping options are available on our shopping cart as part of the Checkout Process. Generally, priority mail for one mag can go for approx $7.50 Even if you want to order with a check or money order, order online and at checkout simply select the "Check/Money Order" option which will allow you to select your shipping option along with its corresponding price and it will allow you to print out an order form to send with your payment so that we can get your order shipped correctly as fast as possible.
  20. Does the brand of ammo make any difference in reliabilty?
    It does! If the ammo does not have sufficient power to blow the bolt back and eject the case each time, the gun can't run regardless of the mag you use. First choice for power and reliability would be CCI Minimags, which are also the most expensive. In the bulk ammo, Remington Gold and Federal HV Hollowpoints are about the same. The Winchester Wildcats are often underpowered and have unreliable primer ignition. So test with Minimags and then run the bulk ammo is the course that most shooters take.
  21. Is your TI25 Mag guaranteed for life like another brand USED TO BE?
    Everything has a useful life span. We don't know what the life expectancy on our mags is since no one has ever worn one out. Also, no other mag manufacturer that we are aware of currently offers a life time guarantee. We are confident that our mag will give you good service well in excess of the purchase price.
  22. Can TI25 mags be stored loaded?
    You can, but like all springs, it will just wear the spring out faster. No way to say how much faster. Best alternative is to load them when you are going to shoot them.


Thank you for your purchase. It is our goal to provide you with a mag that will provide you with many years of service and enjoyment. In order to get the maximum life and performance out of your mag, proper cleaning is recommended.

1.  Periodic disassembly and cleaning with soap, water and a toothbrush is suggested. Do not use solvents or other chemicals. Dry well and lightly spray spring and interior of mag with WD40 prior to assembly.

2.  We have tested and experimented with most major offerings of ammo and as expected, there is a HUGE difference in the feeding, performance and reliability of the different ammo brands. You will have a very difficult time adjusting the mag using some brands of “bulk” ammo since some of the bullet profiles are difficult to feed and many of the rounds are not full power which will result in poor or failed ejection.

We recommend that you test with CCI solid round nose MiniMags to minimize the effect of ammo on your adjustments, then after the mag is adjusted, bulk ammo should also work well within the limitations of the ammo.

3. Occasionally new mags will require a minimal break-in period as evidenced by the inability of the mag to keep up with the feeding speed required. If your ammo is sticking in the mag, you should:

A. make sure the mag is clean on the inside. Dirt and carbon and unburned powder will increase the drag on the bullets and will slow down the feeding speed and feeding ability.

B. Especially with new mags, the more the mag is used, the more the follower and mag will polish each other, much the same as a crankshaft and bearing in an automobile engine.  If you have a new mag and the follower is a little slow or weak to push the ammo uo, simply disassemble the mag into two sides by unscrewing the 3 side screws. Disconnect the follower from the spring, leaving the spring in the mag.  Manually slide the follower up and down on the inside of the magazine on the rails on EACH side to simulate use in order to accelerate polishing the follower and the mag rails to each other. Blow any dust out of the mag. Spray a light mist of WD40 on the INSIDE of both mag sides prior to assembly.  Re-assemble and you should be all set.  The more the mag is used the smoother it will get.

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TI25 magazines for Ruger 10/22 rifles and similar firearms have the patented ability to be adjusted for a precision fit in your receiver. Each mag is adjusted prior to shipping and should be ready to use. However, since individual guns have varying tolerances, your mag is capable of being adjusted to satisfy three different requirements:
(1) Bullet Height
(2) Bullet Feed Angle
(3) Camber (left and right adjustment).

It may be necessary or desirable to adjust your TI25 mag for a more precise fit in your 10/22 for any of the following reasons:

1. to achieve a precision feed angle and ejector position;
2. to make the mag fit your gun based on variations in receivers;
3. to reset the magazine position after the screws have been previously “adjusted” and now the mag will not work;
4. to position the mag in relationship to other manufacturers’ receivers other than Ruger.

Adjustments should be made with the following conceptual understanding before beginning:

1. The magazine adjustment is similar in concept to leveling an appliance (such as a dishwasher). All four screws must always be in contact with the receiver. You never want to have a situation where only 2 or 3 are in contact and the remaining adjusting screws are not in contact.

2.Similarly, given that all 4 are in contact with the receiver, all adjustments are made in pairs. You would never adjust one screw. For instance, if you wanted the ejector to be farther to the right (toward the bolt), you would screw IN the two screws on the right hand side and screw OUT the 2 screws on the left hand side a corresponding amount. Picture a playground seesaw. When one side goes up, the other side has to go down.

3.Once the adjustment positioning is close per the SOP herein, adjustments are made in small increments, generally 1/2 to 1/3 of a turn. If you are turning and turning, you’re way off.

4.If you’ve already screwed the adjusting screws all the way in or taken them out, you’ll have to reset and then adjust them per the SOP herein.

5. If you adjust for hours turning screws in and out and in and out, it is possible to wear out the screw threads to the point that you will not be able to adjust them any more. The entire process of resetting the position and adjusting should take less than 15 minutes the first time by following this procedure step by step and only 2 to 3 minutes for subsequent mags once you understand the procedure.

6. If you are having difficulty, often it’s advantageous to have a shooting buddy help with the first one as you follow the procedure step by step.

7. For nomenclature in this SOP, all left, right, up and down descriptions are based from the shooters position as if the mag were in a rifle.

& 8. Once you get the magazine adjusted to fit your rifle, it should never have to be adjusted again.Depending on how tightly you have it adjusted, it may not however fit other 10/22 rifles depending on the receiver of each rifle.

9. If you over adjust the mag and have it too tight in your rifle, its possible to push the mag so far down that the bolt will not even pick up the round in the mag and will glide over it only scratching the bullet.

10. Some degree of play is advantageous and your initial adjustments should incorporate some play.The ability of the mag to wiggle in the gun somewhat will compensate for other factors and allow it to work.

11. Some “match” barrels are much more difficult to adjust for do to the lack of a chamfer or lead-in ramp for the bullet. Ruger factory barrels should all work fine.

Your TI25 magazine can easily be adjusted to fit your firearm using the following steps:

1. Remove the magazine from the firearm and ensure that your firearm is not loaded. Do not attempt to adjust the magazine using a loaded firearm.

2. Remove the barreled action from the stock by removing the barrel band and the single screw securing the receiver per the manufacturer’s instructions. The action must be out of the stock so that you can easily visually verify the position and contact of the adjustment screws on the receiver.

3. Screw all four screws down for clearance.DO NOT torque them down hard.You will strip them or break them off resulting in an un-usable mag. Be advised, that we will not replace mags that have been abused including breaking screws. Once the screws stop on their downward travel, stop.

4. Place the mag in the receiver.It should be wiggling left and right as well as front and back.You should have considerable play in all directions.

5. Our first adjustment is the ejector to the bolt distance. If you lightly push the bottom of the mag to the left, you can force the ejector on the mag against the bolt (which is too far).Correct adjustment is achieved by unscrewing the screws on the left side of the mag to make them taller until the ejector is in close proximity to the bolt but not touching. You do not want it to touch or drag on the bolt at all.You need some clearance between the two.Visually observe the screw heads against the receiver and make sure that BOTH are in contact with the receiver, and not just one.

6. Now when you lightly push on the bottom of the mag to the left, the screws should stop the travel before the ejector on the mag contacts the bolt, and there should be some clearance. Hold light pressure on the bottom of the mag and look at the right side. There should be a gap between the receiver and the magazine adjusting screws. Adjust the screws on the right side up until they are each about .003 from the receiver. You can use a piece of paper as a feeler gauge to set the clearance between the screws and the receiver.

The mag should now have minimal wiggle left and right and all four screws should equally be in contact with the receiver. Especially for your first adjustment attempt, do not try to adjust the mag so tightly in the receiver that it has no “wiggle” or play at all. Adjust using the .003 gap described.

7. The next adjustment is feed angle.Using dummy testing ammunition (available from Brownells), load 5 rounds into the mag. On the last round, put a small black El Marko dot on the back of the brass case at the 12:00 position. Insert the mag in the gun and chamber the first round.Manually eject it and observe the any scraping or scratches on the bullet or the case which will be indicative of possible adjustments.

If the bullet feeds well, you’re done. If it jams on feeding, you will have to adjust the feed angle which is easily accomplished by moving the two front screws up or down and moving the 2 rear screws the same amount in the opposite direction. For instance, if you want to increase the feed angle, take the two front screws down and the rear two screws the corresponding amount up. Adjustments should be in SMALL increments and all four screws have to be in contact when you are finished.

We have not yet found any factory unmodified Ruger 10/22 that the TI25 mag would not feed based on the mag's available range of adjustment. The TI25 mag adjustment range exceeds the total range available from any other after market high capacity magazine that we've measured.
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